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Risalah Adhudiyah – Aqidah


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As a Muslim, what do we believe in and what makes us a Muslim?

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As a Muslim, what do we believe in and what makes us a Muslim?

The greatest knowledge one can attain is to know Allah, as much as one is capable. Hence why the great jurist from the salaf, Abu Hanifa, referred to this subject as ‘Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar’.

This course covers the concise Ashari Aqidah text Risalah Adhudiyah of Abdur-Rehman bin Ahmad bin Abdul-Ghaffar Al-Eje’i As-Shirazi. The course is delivered by Shaykh Atabek Nasafi.

Scholars advise students of knowledge to study at least one text from all the main branches of knowledge. With the study of the creed of Islam being one of the key components for students of knowledge

The beauty of this classical text for students is its concise nature. The Author presents the principles of aqeeda from an Ashʿari interpretation, whilst the teacher Shaykh Atabek Nasafi addresses the same points in the Lesson from a Maturidi view point.

The result is a unique dialogue throughout the course found nowhere else in the English speaking world, giving students an authoritative, and advanced study of Aqeedah in a concise manner.

Study materials include the original Arabic test as well as an English translation for students to follow the lesson.

Duration of Course: 10 Lessons –

Downloadable Study material:


Free to try video: Lesson 1


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