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Classical Teaching Through Modern Means

Attend courses in Rochdale and Bradford or learn online through our course videos by Shaykh Atabek Shukurov Nasafi.

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‘Afiyah Institute is an organisation founded under the guidance of Shaykh Atabek to spread the teachings of Islam through initiatives located in the North of England.  Insha’Alla with the medium of the internet ‘Afiyah Institute has a Global reach.

The vision and goals of the Institute’s members is to seek the pleasure of Allah. We hope to do this by providing Islamic educational initiatives in  in the North of England. This will be achieved by addressing two areas of educational need for the Muslim community:-

  • Providing members of the Institute and community with opportunities to pursue a comprehensive and structured curriculum for Islamic learning.
  • Provide a platform for educational talks and seminars to address specific areas of learning for the wider community

Shaykh Atabek Shukurov al-Nasafi

Shaykh Atabek Shukurov al-Nasafi was born in Uzbekistan while it was still part of the USSR. He began his religious education at the age of ten by memorizing the Quran and studying Islamic Sciences. Graduating as a Scholar, he was issuing Islamic rulings by the age of 15, teaching and holding the position of Imam. He then travelled extensively to countries such as Syria, Pakistan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia amongst others. He taught those wanting to learn classical Islam as well as continuing his own studies.

His main expertise is in Fiqh (Jurisprudence), Usul-ul-Fiqh (Principles of Jurisprudence), Qawaid-ul-Fiqh (Legal Maxims), Tafsir (Interpretation of Quran), Philosophy and Aqeedah (Theology). He also graduated from Al-Azhar University with a BA (Hons) in Philosophy and Theology.

Shaykh Atabek is also an expert in herbal medicine, a subject he practises and teaches.

He came to the United Kingdom in 2006 in an effort to spread traditional Islamic knowledge and has become known as a scholar, Herbalist and proponent of Classical Islamic methodology. He has taught in numerous educational institutes and universities and is a regular on television.


Role Team Member
Project Lead and Spokesperson Mohammed Saqib
Technical Lead Aamer Ashraf
Content Lead Nazim Uddin
Publications Lead Zamir Uddin
Event Management Soyf Alam
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