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Al-Manzoomah Al-Bayquniyyah

[tab:Details] – Study of the classical text of Imam Bayquniyyah’s Manzumah.
– Various Classifications of Hadith.
– Detailed Study of the Poem
– Elaboration on the science of Hadith and how rulings are made from hadith
– How hadith are compared in fiqh
The following course organised with Ihsaan Oath is and Introduction to the Science of Hadith, the course was delivered by Shaykh Atabek Nasafi.
A course that covers the Famous Text: “Al Bayquniyyah”, The Matn al-Bayquniyyah is a timeless primer in poetry-form, which covers the various Nomenclature of the People of Transmission
al-Manzoomah al-Bayquniyyah fi Mustalah Ahl al-hadith wa al-athar
This thirty-four line rhyming text was authored to introduce the science of hadith to those without any prior knowledge of hadith sciences. Its brief format, yet broad scope make it an ideal introductory text for those who wish to simply gain a greater appreciation of the scope of hadith sciences or for even those who wish to specialize in the science of hadith. Its rhyming nature, allows for easy memorization and it includes essential topics relating to hadith terminology for any student of Islam, such as sahih (authentic) hasan (good), or daeef (weak).
The work also includes more sophisticated terminology used by scholars of hadith such as marfoo’, maqtoo’, mursal, ghareeb, mutawatur, and much more.
It is a stepping stone for students of hadith who plan on studying more detailed texts in the science of hadith such as Nukhbatul al-Fikr by Ibn Hajr or Ikhtisaar uloom al-Hadith by Ibn Kathir, but it is equally vital for any student of Islam, whether they be a student of Fiqh, Tafseer or Aqeedah, because the Sharee’ah of Islam is based upon textual evidence.
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Various resources have also beeen collated to help the student of Knowledge such both Arabic and English Versions o f the poem and also an Audio recitation of the famous rhyming text, provided by: أبو أحمد الشيظمي
Bayquniyyah Audio
The text of the poem can be downloaded here:
Bayquniyyah – Arabic Only
Bayquniyyah – Arabic and English

Lesson 1

[audio:|titles=Bayquniyyah Lesson 1 Part 1] Bayquniyyah Lesson 1 Part 1
[audio:|titles=Bayquniyyah Session 1 part 2] Bayquniyyah Lesson 1 part 2

Lesson 2

[audio:|titles=Bayquniyyah Session 2] Bayquniyyah Session 2

Lesson 3

[audio:|titles=Bayquniyyah Session 3 part 1] Bayquniyyah Session 3 part 1
[audio:|titles=Bayquniyyah Session 3 part 2] Bayquniyyah Session 3 part 2

Lesson 4

[audio:|titles=Bayquniyyah Session 4 part 1] Bayquniyyah Session 4 part 1
[audio:|titles=Bayquniyyah Session 4 part 2] Bayquniyyah Session 4 part 2

Lesson 5

[audio:|titles=Bayquniyyah Session 5 part 1] Bayquniyyah Session 5 part 1
[audio:|titles=Bayquniyyah Session 5 part 2] Bayquniyyah Session 5 part 2

Lesson 6

[audio:|titles=Bayquniyyah Session 6] Bayquniyyah Session 6
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